A non-profit voluntary organization consisting of a multi-disciplinary board with no paid officials. All funds are exclusively used to assist persons with albinism.

Objectives: Assisting persons with albinism:

  • Provision of medical and health care
  • Provision of eye examination and eye care
  • Supply of protective clothing
  • Provision of total block sunscreen ( main donor German     Defense Force, Bundeswehr)
  • Provision of sunglasses (main donor RODENSTOCK AG,     Germany)
  • Provision of visual aids
  • Provision of information to counter superstition
  • Educational assistance

The generous support, which SINASRA continues to receive assists greatly in alleviating the plight of people affected by albinism in Namibia. The ongoing national and international support ensures that the marginalization and stigmatization of people affected by albinism will eventually become a thing of the past.

SINASRA's primary concern is the survival of people with albinism, ensuring their livelihood and offering them a fair standard of living. The supply of protective clothing, sunscreen and dissemination of relevant information is aimed at preventing sun-related cancer, its complications and early death. Dispensing special telescopic spectacles substantially improves the vision of people with albinism who would otherwise be classified as being blind. Children with albinism, who receive telescopic spectacles at an early age, stand a much better chance to cope with the integration into regular class-room settings, which clearly enhances their possibility to achieve academically, fulfill their potential and subsequently lead an independent life – despite their precarious condition.
SINASRA is a Namibian welfare organization, registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. It started as a Rotary project and has developed into an independent entity. The principles and objectives of Rotary, however, became firmly inculcated into the organization. With Rotary’s continued support and expertise ensured, it is feasible to strive towards a better future and generally improved li ving conditions for persons with albinism in Namibia. Albinism in Namibia is regarded as a manageable condition, provided funds are available to meet continuous needs. Your donations and assistance are therefore greatly appreciated.