A) Offering professional guidance and expert        advice for the organisation to function        effectively and efficiently

    B) Providing necessary resources

    C) Soliciting and rendering financial support

A) Guidance and Advice:

ROTARIANS serving on the SINASRA Board and the strategic planning committee make their knowledge and expertise available free of charge. Rotarian lawyers and accountants played a significant role in drafting SINASRA's constitution and took responsibility in ensuring the organisation’s annual audits. SINASRA’s auditors are BDO Spencer Steward (Namibia), an independent firm of external auditors, who perform the audit pro bono.

B) Providing resources:

ROTARIANS assist SINASRA in meeting the constant need of resources such as protective clothing, sunscreen and telescopic spectacles. They help design and disseminate information material to raise awareness amongst the general public as well as people affected by albinism. ROTARIANS also advocate for the educational assistance required to support children with albinism throughout their school career and they encourage and initiate employment and self-help projects.

C) Financial Support:

SINASRA has an envisaged budget of N$3,4 million for 2010. At the moment the organization’s financial resources fall far short of covering this amount. ROTARIANS are involved in seeking financial support and raising additional funds while monitoring that life-sustaining issues are being prioritized.